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Rex creates gates for yards and gardens and larger gates for driveways and ranches. Most of his gates feature plants and animals of the Hill Country and Gulf Coast, the two areas of Texas in which Rex spends most of his time. Other gates feature Western art such as his award-winning gate "Pullin' Billy." Many gates feature the Texas Lone Star sometimes paired with prickly pear cactus and yucca. Rex also creates subjects that express his client's interest such as his guitar and theater mask gates.

In addition to gates Rex creates fencing and railings. Whether it's a few panels, a railing down a driveway, or a fence for an entire yard, he can create custom fencing for every taste.

To view examples of Rex's gates, fences, and railings, follow the links below:
Yard and Garden Gates
Driveway and Ranch Gates
Fences and Railings

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