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Wall Sculpture

Home and Yard Sculpture

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Furniture, Lighting, Etc.

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link to Cactus End Table picture
Cactus End Table
link to Plant Stands picture
Plant Stands
link to Fireplace Screen picture
Fireplace Screen
link to Lily Pad Table picture
Lily Pad Table
link to Tree Desk Lamps picture
Tree Desk Lamps
link to Tree Floor Lamp picture
link to Garden Bench picture
Garden Bench
link to Texas Star Coffee Table picture
Texas Star Coffee Table
link to Bookends picture
link to Steel Crosses picture
Steel Crosses
link to Greyhound Pot Rack picture
Pot Rack

The gallery also offers copper sconces and night lights; crosses in mosaic and ceramic, stained glass, and steel; steel book ends; and other metal art for the home and garden.

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